Forest Culture

At Central M we believe in the principle of law and responsibility. RIGHT to use and distribute renewable natural resources in the most just way possible, RESPONSIBILITY to maintain the balance and sustainability of the species, seeking the care of the people with whom we collaborate.


Why wood?

Renewable, Versatile And Green

Wood is the only deconstruction material whose use helps reduce CO2 in the atmosphere.

Our Providers

Responsible Purchasing Policies

Through a rigorous procedure, we select both suppliers and products in order to comply with quality, sustainability and legality.

Nuestra Visión Cercana

Lead, Quality And Responsibility

Lead the responsible sale of wood products in La Riviera Maya, through the recognition of the brand, the quality and innovation of its services and products, and the processes of responsibility with the environment.

Family and the Ecosystem

We take care to share the values that we practice inside and outside the company, starting with the collaborators, their families and the environment.